Attributes Accordion Error when it be used in Side menu bar(Collapse/Expand)

My dashboard site features a sidebar menu, and its attributes are set according to the Attributes Accordion of finsweet and JavaScript version. Please attempt to click all the menu links and navigate through each of the menus in below shared site. You may notice an issue where all menus expand and remain open; they should actually collapse when navigating to a new page. Please assist me by testing the site and identifying any such issues. I would greatly appreciate your help in advance**

*share link : Webflow - Copy of PSMS

publised link :

Hey @4u1! it seems the Attribute script is not loading correctly on all your pages. Would you happen to have any script that could interfere with the solution? Once I manually initialize the Attribute it seems to be working as expected, all accordions collapse.

You can manually initialize the script with something like this while we find the issue.

  window.onload = () => {