None of my attributes are working

I really need help, none of my attributes are working and the AI help isn’t either. I have so many pages using attributes. Could really use advice

Hi @jillbascome , please can you share a preview link and also copy and paste any code you have in the global header/footer code?

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Thank you for your help…I am sure it is something simple that I am not doing correctly.

Hi @jillbascome, can you also share the staging URL? Can you go into the site settings on the Webflow dashboard for the project and copy over any code from the global header/footer?

Good day,
Sorry for delay, I have this code in the footer for a back button…probably don’t need it…?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hey @jillbascome! I see the published Farmer's Directory is empty. Are you testing the Attributes on Webflow’s preview?

I published the page and tried to view and everything went haywire. I have four pages with attributes now and have to do a couple more. But when I publish everything is going weird. I thought I needed a back button so I put in that code as per recommendation from a “finsweet Joe” tutorial (not sure if that is where I went wrong). As of now I have attributes on 4 pages and have to do a couple more. I need to use attributes CMS filter, slider (on 3 pages), load (on 2 pages) and tabs (on 2 pages). I’m still a newbie and I know its a simple fix I’m just not getting. Your help is greatly appreciated

Also, on farmers directory you have to scroll down to see the layout (still a work in progress) but at the top is the slider and below are the cms slider elements that have to go into the slider as featured farmers. The main directory is below that if you scroll all the way down.

Can you please share a link to the “Finsweet Joe” tutorial you are referring to?

Hey @jillbascome! Here is what I see on the live page. The video above does not interfere with the Attributes solution but it is also not needed for the solutions to work.

I assume you’ll want to filter the slider content, I am afraid this setup will not be possible. You are also missing the field identifiers for the items in the list. The search input is correctly setup with fs-cmsfilter-field = * to target all of the fields available.

Please make sure the page is fully published and I can test it again.

I’m sorry but I am not clear of the advice. I was hoping to add the cms sliders to the farmers directory page using the switch on “featured” in the slider to filter what shows up in the slider and use the same slider on the agri article page at the bottom. I was hoping to use the cms tabs attribute on the embargoed produce and general produce pages.
I was hoping to use the general cms filter attribute on the home page and also to filter the agri blog pages with highlight at the top. But right now after I apply the attributes to any of these pages I am going to my error page.
Any more insight would be appreciated.

hey @jillbascome I still can not see your elements in the published page. I can not debug this only with the read-only link

I just did the plan…can I invite you to look at the site now? If so, to what email address do I send the invitation.
Really appreciate the help

Wow…I was looking for an email address on the profile photo and realised you are in Barcelona. My sister lives there…small world.

I am sorry @jillbascome! I can not jump into your project to fix it for you, we can always jump into a call to debug if you want!

And yes! I just moved here to Barcelona :slight_smile:

Yes please…do you see the problem…or error I made? I would appreciate the call. I would rather understand and fix it myself. I have another project requiring more attributes so its best that I learn to fix this now. Please organise call at your earliest convenience

I’ll DM you!