CMS+Filter Attributes not working

hi! I’m very much so an amateur webflow designer, looking to expand my wheelhouse. I’m trying to utilize the CMS Filter attributes, and although the ASS says everything is connected and working, it does not seem to on my published site. I’ve tried rebuilding the page from scratch, including following along with the video using the cloneable site, and just can’t seem to get it to function… My read only link is here (sorry it’s ugly, just really trying to get the filters to work before spending time designing!)

Hi @ashley1 ! Be welcome!

As I checked, you need change the fs-cmsfilter-element=“Filters” to fs-cmsfilter-element=“filters” (lowercase) to make it work.

And as you have more than 100 items in your collection list, you should use CMS Load pagination or render all to be able to filter all posts.

Let me know if you need any other help :wink:


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