CMS Filter is not working

Hi! I am doing a filter using checkbox and it’s not working. When I click the checkbox it’s not doing anything. I followed the instructions from CMS Filter Attribute step by step and also ran with Attributes Automated Support Service and it says that everything is ok.

I hope sharing my page with you can help me figure it out together.

If you have any question, please let me know! Thanks!

Hey @ronaldsrc! You have a visible “Submit” button, this will prevent the filter from being applied instantly.

Also, as you are paginating the list without CMS Load, results will be limited to those shown on the current page. I recommend adding CMS Load to make the whole list filterable :slight_smile:

@Support-Luis You are the man! Its working now! Thank you so much!
Also, for letting me know about the CMS Load. Its working beautifully. Thanks man! I appreciate your help.

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You are very very welcome! I am glad I could help :muscle: