Attributes Filter problem

Hi there,

could someone please help me with my Attributes filter problem? I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Any help with this would be much appreciated,

Hey @Mica! What seems to be the issue? I see the filter working as expected but it could have some improvements, I’ll list them here, and let me know if the problem persists after this :slight_smile:

  1. Add an “All” button to your filters, this will help users clear the filters as you are using radio buttons and these can not be unchecked. Here is a guide on how to set one up.

  2. You currently have the fs-cmsfilter-field = Track and fs-cmsfilter-active = active attributes on your radio wrapper, you can move these to the radio button label to keep the active class when any filter is selected.

  3. as your filter options are hidden in a dropdown consider adding tags such as these to indicate which filters are active.

Thank you, so much for your help which seemed to have worked, just adding the extra options you suggested. Really appreciate it.

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You are welcome! Let me know if you have any issues in the future

Hi luis,

I seem to be still getting two errors from before and now I have added a rest button which appears to be working though I am getting an error. Sorry, not sure what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your help, Eugene.

Here is the link again - Basics Track

The value of this attribute (screenshot) causes the first issue, we have recently changed the value to clear as the button doesn’t really reset anything, it clears all selected options. You can leave it as reset but if you want to remove the error please change it to clear

The second error happens because you are looking for the default active class instead of your custom active-option class, also it seems the active class is only applied to the filters so be sure to only select the filters option this should clear the third error.

The last error is caused by selecting a specific clear button ie. one dedicated button that only clears tracks options, and one that only clears types. But you do not have this option in your filters. Unchecking this field in the tool should clear this error.

Hi Lui, thanks again for your reply. I have managed to solve most of the problems. Though for some reason my Active is no longer working. When an item is active it works but when I select another item/option the new selection is active but also the first selection stays active. Why is this?

Thanks again for your help,

@Mica can you create a stand-alone is-active class? I’ve seen this works best for active classes

Hi there, how do I do this? I thought I already was. Thanks.

I can only see your Is Active class as a combo, searching for a class named active does not return any result in your project

To create the stand-alone class you can copy the Track Option class

Rename it to something like filter-is-active and change the opacity to 100%, which I saw was the only change from the Is Active combo class from earlier.

Hi again, I am not sure what I have done though I am pretty sure I have done what you said and it is still acting the same way. I am not sure what to do.


I’ll dm you :slight_smile: