Can you filter without hiding the non-filtered items?

I’m trying to achieve a filter effect where, by clicking/hovering on the filter buttons, the non-filtered items in the cms list do not disappear. Is this possible? See image below. TIA!

hey @Drcontempo I’m not sure I understand what you are looking for, do you mean that items with no match should have a lower opacity rather than hidden?

This is not possible natively with Attributes but you could try some custom code.

Yes, basically, I want the items that do not match the filter to first of all remain on the page (as the native behavior of the filter solution is for them to get eliminated from view).

Everything after this is just visual at this point, e.g. reducing opacity etc.

Is it possible to have all items remain on the page even after applying filters?

If the answer lies with custom code, do you know where I would start with that? Would I need to use the attributes api for example? Or an html embed solution would be fine?

Thanks again!

Hey @Drcontempo! This will definitely need costume code and you should definitely look into the Attributes API as a starting point.

Let me know how you’d like to achieve this and I can help with the code if needed.

You can DM me if you need something else!