CMS Filter - Duplicate items in the filter


I ran into an issue in my site. I have the FS CMS Filter working, though when I open the dropdown with the checklist filters, there is a duplication problem. I have a job board collection which is referencing another collection with countries. I have two test jobs which I created, and both of them are located as ‘Remote’. As you can see, there are two Remote options in the filter now.

Another issue I have is the number next to the items on the checklist. I tried both the Results Count and Items Count attributes and the results are incorrect.

Read-only link: Webflow - Spline Job Board


Help is much appreciated!

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Hey @andrewe97! This duplication comes from the collection list used to generate this list, it now selects the location field from each item, if you added another item to the Job (Standard)s collection with any location it would show up here.

What we normally do is have a list with all locations and then reference it on the Jobs collection list, then you can add the location collection to the dropdown. Some JS can hide the empty filters and handle the results number.

Hey @Support-Luis, thank you for your response! Yes, the idea was that the filter would only populate if the country was referenced in the Job (Standard)s collection. So are you saying, that I should have all the countries displayed in the filter, and use some JS to hide empty countries (those which haven’t been picked yet on job posts)? Also some JS for the results number?

I’ll look into it and let you know!

Correct! Here is the link to the Attributes API → Attributes API (hint: console log the listInstace and check it out as there is a lot of info from the filters there)

Let me know if you need any help!