Trying to filter a collection list with a separate referenced collection

I have an issue where I am trying to filter a collection list of Companies by their Locations. I am using a separate Locations Collection that is referenced by each Company, but this filter is the only one on the page that is not working properly. The other 2 filters (which are part of the Company Collection) are filtering properly. My guess is that since the Location is referenced that is why it is struggling. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Here is the staging link and read-only link for reference

Hey @jeff1! For CMS Filter to return a result, the text content of both the filter and the card needs to be an exact match if your checkbox label is Denver, CO the element in your items with the fs-cmsfilter-field="location" attribute should be Denver, CO or denver, co (an exact text content match but not case sensitive). Fuzzy filtering will be available for CMS Filter V2.

Thanks for taking a look @Support-Luis. One clarification I should make is that I have hidden text on each card with the exact content match in place for the 3 filter types.

Screen Shot 2024-01-29 at 16.49.42

This text has the fs-cmsfilter-field="location" applied to it to match the filter-label attribute on the checkbox/pill. It’s set up exactly the same as the Stage & Industry filters. Could there be something else that I’m missing?

Can you publish the site with the text visible? I can only find it by inspecting the page and the text is missing the comma on the field with the identifier :thinking:

@Support-Luis logged on this morning to publish the site with the text visible for you and the location filter was working as expected. Wondering if all along it was a caching issue. I appreciate your time trying to help me solve it!

@jeff1 yes, it could be that.

By the way, I notice a flickering when performing a search. This is caused by repeated scripts, please check your site settings and page settings to only add the script once to the relevant pages :pray:

Let me know if you need anything else!