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I am struggling to find what I am doing wrong. According to the Attributes Support everything is setup 100% correctly, However when I attempt to filter I am getting blank results. Not sure if there is any sort of conflict or not as the filter term is pulled from a reference field.

Here is the read-only link

and the url Timeline (

Hello @brian! The fs-cmsfilter-field = '*' for the search input is correct, however, setting it to the wrapper div for your element does not mean that it will target all content inside. This identifier should only be used on the input, it means that this input will target all the identifiers on the list item.

You should use individual identifiers on the collection item text elements, like category for the text inside the pill, event-name for the headings, description for the event description, and so on…

Once this works we can then fix the checkbox filtering depending on how you have setup the CMS Collection.

Thanks for the quick response @Support-Luis . I fixed the search and it is working perfect! Now if I could just get the filter buttons to work that would be awesome. I’m sure its something silly I am missing.

How are you adding the time frame text to the items? if the text is the same as the buttons then there should be no issue filtering that way.

I see the field has been added to the items but it is blank for all of them.

So I created a cms list of event timeframes and referenced them in the events cms items. I added a text block which I linked to the CMS Field timeframe added the field attribute and hid that class. Could it be because it is referenced?

It should work as expected even if referenced, however, I notice that at least for the items rendered, the fs-cmsfilter-field = "timeframe" is empty for all items.


I added a filter so you can see the items with the reference set

Then we should have the filter working, although all published events fall under the β€œ950-1099” timeframe.

To test you can change one of these events timeframe and test the other filters.

Hey Luis, Was able to get it working. I decided to scrap and start over and everything worked. Thank you!

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Great to hear @brian!