CMS Filtering broken. I think it might be to do with nested collection?

Good Morning Luis!

OMGolly! I had this thing working but now it’s messed up. I can’t even recover by going back to older backups and trying to paste them in.

I’ve checked all the attributes as best I can, but i could definitely use a fresh pair of knowledgeable eye on this. I need to deploy this puppy today as my client is very antsy about gettin it done.

HOPING you can squeek time in today for one more fix.

Thank you in advance!

Loom description and walk through

Webflow share link

++Site staging link

Hey @joe2! It seems you have set the fs-cmsfilter-field="Services" attribute in your items on an empty element.

I see you are using Webflow’s Native nesting, the collection is not connected to any source, and the item is empty. Hopefully, the image below shows this clearly.

Can you connect the nested collection to the categories collection and set the attribute to the text element with the name of the category?

Let me know if this helps!

Yes, it’s me (Joe),

Okay, so first thing I noticed that may have added to my confusion was an older/earlier version still in there. I’ve removed that.

Now, please take a fresh look and let me know my next step to fixing this. Do I need that sub-category there to make it work? If so, how do I get it in there?

Hey @joe2! Yes, there needs to be a text element with the fs-cmsfilter-field = Category attribute set for the filter to return a result.

Here is a quick Loom on how to do this with Weblow’s native nested list.

Hope this helps!

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In addition, I found that I had misnamed the attributes in the filtering buttons as well as below. Stupid mistake. Categories vs Category. Fixed that and all works like a charm.

Hope they pay you well. This service is a major bonus! So worth it. You can quote me on that. :grin: :+1: :vulcan_salute:

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Great to hear everything is back up and running!

Let me know if you need anything else! :muscle:

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Thank you for asking I do have a follow-up question.

The client was hoping the filtering could start on perhaps the ‘advanced services’ filter. Since it only has 3 items, she felt this would be less intimidating for the user.

I have checked="checked’ installed but that then sets them all as checked. For now it seems to be loading up on the last one. Waxing Services.


Since you are using a Collection list to populate the filters the checked=checked attribute is applied to all of them. We have several options to avoid this.

  • We can use CMS Filter query params in the URL if a user comes from another page, CMS Filter will filter the list accordingly

  • Convert the filters to static elements and add the checked=checked attribute to the only one you want to start selected, just be sure the text is an exact match, no empty spaces before or after the text.

  • Use some JS to click the specific button after loading the list