CMS Filter Interaction trigger not functioning properly

I have a filter setup with CMS attributes, and I am having an issue with the filter dropdown interactions on tablet/mobile. I have an “Apply” button on each dropdown for tablet/mobile viewports and I have an interaction triggered on click that is supposed to collapse the dropdown.

I have the same interaction triggering on the “filters5_dropdown” element, and it is functioning properly there. But for some reason nothing is happening on button click (tap) for the apply button. Any ideas on what is preventing the dropdown from collapsing when “Apply” is clicked?

Read Only Link:

Staging Site (Issue is on tablet/mobile):

@Support-Luis Any ideas on this?

hey @accounting! Seems to me that you might have the interaction wrongly set up for this element. On this loom you can see the dropdown expands when I preview the animation inside the designer.