CMS Filter + Search Query

I have fully setup the CMS filter for my furniture marketplace. Customers can select checkboxes, or use range sliders to filter the collection. Then filter tags are shown, which can be deleted. However, I’m looking to have a search bar in the header, where users can search furniture keywords, then it will reload the page with a filter tag that has the search term in it and filter the collection accordingly to the query. The filter tag should function just like the CMS filter tags, but read “Search: ‘query’” and can be removed.

I know that Finsweet already has a search field option for CMS filter, but it will not work for my marketplace, because customers can search variations of keywords like ‘sectional’ ‘sectionals’ ‘sectional couch’ ‘L shape couch’. Finsweet’s will only return results with exact phrase matches, meaning you would have to preprogram every single possible variation a customer could type which is not realistic.

I’ve gotten very close to making this work with my own custom javascript code, but the problem is that the CMS filter code is a minified javascript file that is impossible to read and add onto. My custom javascript keeps interfering with the CMS filter javascript causing errors.

Can you please guide me through how I can accomplish such a feature, that is very common on standard marketplaces?

Hey @alex.n.david1! Seems you have not been using or read about the CMS Filter API. Take a look at it and let me know if this fits your usecase.

Filter V2 will allow for fuzzy search. We are excited to release it to users soon1 :muscle: