CMS filter using select on csv string

Hello! :wave:

I am playing around with the CMS filter.
I have 3k pages in a collection with some fields that contain arrays as comma separated strings (some are very long).
I cannot use a multi-reference field because it would largely exceed the webflow CMS item limit.

For example, it could be:

  • countries_raw = “France, Germany, Italy”
  • projects_raw = “raising funds, financing machines, hiring staff”

Minimum viable solution


:white_check_mark: A multi-select checkbox that is populated using another collection.

:white_check_mark: When the user selects a word, it would filter the list according to the field in the list.

:negative_squared_cross_mark: If the option selected is contained in the field among other options, it should still match. i.e. The option selected should act as a keyword search and show results.

My project

Filtering works but only if the result only contains one choice, it’s not parsing the comma separated string. Here are the links:

:arrow_right: Live link
:arrow_right: Read-only link

Comfortable solution

:negative_squared_cross_mark: A better solution for me would be if the options of the multi-select field where populated from the list, and not from another collection.

Ultimate solution

:negative_squared_cross_mark: The very best solution would be an autocomplete field that would generate choices based on the concatenation of all comma separated values.

Thank you very much for your help! :pray:

Hey @brindeau.joachim!

By saying:

I cannot use a multi-reference field because it would largely exceed the webflow CMS item limit.

Do you mean the 5-item limit for Nested Lists?
Have you seen the CMS Nest solution?

The filtering issues come from the comma-separated categories, CMS Filter requires an exact match of text content to return a match. This will not be a limitation on Filter V2. Which is being worked on now.

Your setup looks similar to the CMS Nest option #2 which was developed for speed improvement. However, as your collection to nest is relatively small you can use the setup option #1 as this would work with your collection setup as is.

For your ultimate solution, you can take a look at the Combobox solution that provides the autocompletion functionality you are after.

Hey Luis, super excited about this- I use FS Filter a lot on client projects. Any details on this, or do you need any BETA feedback?

Hey @memetican! The Filter should be done very very soon. I’m not sure when we will have the version ready for beta testing but do keep an eye on X and the Slack channel for any news regarding this :wink: