Filter Elements with two Attributes

Hello Finsweet Users,

I want to filter CMS Items which also can have more Tags. For Example one Item has the Tag big & heavy. Its in a field comma separated. (big, heavy)
An Item also can have one Tag only. Big for example. So how can i make the filter so, that wen i filter on big, that it shows all big but also all which have the big, heavy tag for example?

Hey @ab.artbrick! It depends on how your CMS is structured. You can have a Collection with all these tags and reference them in a multi-reference field on the main Collection to then nest them for CMS Filter to be able to correctly show the items.

If this comma-separated list can not be nested, we will have to use some JS to separate each term into its own div with the tag text inside.

Filter V2 will be able to match items regardless if they are in the comma-separated list or not. At the moment we need to have an exact match between the filter UI and the filter field on the card.

Hi Luis, thanks for the answer.

Yes i can use a multi reference field in my CMS Structure. Can you tell me which configurations i have to make for this? (in the custom attribues section and so on…) Cause i think it wont work like the single attribute filter i already built?)

The Problem i am experiencing is that Webflow wont let me show Multi Reference Field Content besides my Checkboxes for filtering and also not as a Tag in my Items.

Sow how can i solve this?


CMS Nest and CMS Filter will work seamlessly out of the box, if you could share a read-only I can show you which Attributes are needed and where they should go :slight_smile:

Hey Luis,

Here is the read only link:

Home site last section (white)

I want to filter by the multi reference field “atag” in the artists database with the checkboxes on the left side under “makes”.


Hey @ab.artbrick! I suggest you look at the CMS Nest documentation to setup the nesting correctly. This will add the tags to all items accordingly.

Some points, that are also mentioned on the docs:

  • Set the link to the current element with a link block as a wrapper if the user is meant to navigate to the item’s page, if not, use a hidden text link as a direct child of the collection item. CMS Nest requires this link to be the first element on the collection item.
  • Be sure you select the multireference field when adding the collection to the template page, highlighted below.
  • The fs-cmsfilter-field attribute should go in the nest-source collection items text element.

And let me know if you need any help! :raised_hands:

Hey Luis,

I did every step of the CMS Nest Documentation. I think i am mostly there now, but got a small thing wrong. Could you take a look on my readonly?


Hey @ab.artbrick! Can you share the password to the live site?

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