Cms items visibly loading and sorting

I am trying using cms load as i have more than 100 collection items with images and im anticipating issues if i load them all at once… I would really like to avoid using pagination controls. I have implemented cms load and infinite scroll option.

HOWEVER I’ve noticed that now when i first load the page the first few entries display and then change at least 3 times before settling (it looks like they sorting as they load)

Is there a way to use cms load without it doing this? I think it looks really bad if the cards are loading, flickering, and shifting after the page has loaded…

Thanks again!

hey @conormckiernan! This results from your sort trigger having a defined sort option by default.

You can add an option with a blank value at the very top of the list of options. Like the image below shows.

This should solve the issue of the list sorting while it loads :muscle: