CMS Load - Option 'Load Under'

Got my CMS Filter working nicely.

So I added CMS Load and the 1 element that is required, which gave me a nice ‘load more’ button which is exactly what I was after.

Though there’s an option called ‘load under’, but isn’t this the same functionality as I already have?

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hey @cam.messer! Can you share a read-only link? I see the solution is working as expected but you are missing an attribute → fs-cmsload-mode = load-under on your list

Hey Luis, thanks for your reply.
Preview link

That’s right, I don’t have load-under as an attribute at the moment.

I’m just slightly confused with the documentation.

It says:

List I want this Collection List to have the load more functionality

Yep perfect, works nicely.

But looking at the other options…

Option LOAD UNDER I want to use a “load under” effect for the Collection List

So what does this do? Isn’t this the same thing that’s already working? Unless I’m missing something?

Thanks :grinning:

Hey @cam.messer! The fs-cmsload-element = list attribute defines the list that will have the CMS Load functionality, this can be:

  • pagination
  • infinite
  • render-all
  • load-under

It seems that if there is no fs-cmsload-mode defined it defaults to load-under.

I would suggest you add the load mode to avoid any bugs or unwanted behavior.

Thanks once again Luis, appreciate the help.

Yes I just noticed the automated attributes support says

Yup! Setting fs-cmsload-mode=“load-under” correctly setup.

Thanks again!