CMS Load duplicating CMS Items

I’ve seen other posts about this, but haven’t found anything that’s helped. Hoping someone can look at my project and figure out what’s going on. I’ve verified that the CMS Load code is only on the page once.

Read only link: Webflow - Evernow Homepage

Live (staging) site: Reviews Of Evernow Online Menopause Treatment

hey @jacob, there doesn’t seem to be anything with the setup. If you are 100% positive there is no code duplication, could you please republish?

Maybe we can test another load option?

@Support-Luis Super positive… Happy to try something else though. Let me know what you want to try.

@jacob have you tried any other loading setup? Like render-all or infinite?

I can’t access the read only so I have a question. How did you manage the layout? Is there another script handling this? Or is it pure CSS?