CMS Load duplicates most items

I think I’m experiencing a CMS Load bug that duplicates items after the first ‘page’?

I always have exactly 1000 CMS items in my collection, but using CMS Load returns 1900 CMS items, 900 of which appear to be duplicates (everything after the first virtual ‘page’, I guess). See staging page below:

These duplicates unfortunately show up prominently when using search/filter with CMS Filter.

(First time posting here — I first used the automated support service to verify that my setup is correct; also searched and couldn’t find a similar topic. But I’ve seen a couple of Webflow forum threads about it (1, 2), so think it might be a legit bug? I believe I only have a single reference to the script in my header.)

Thank you! (re-posted under the correct topic, sorry)

Hey @matt3! Can you please share a read-only link? I do not see the setup for CMS Load or CMS Filter as complete on the published site

Read-only link here: Webflow - Runway

Thank you!

Hey @matt3 there is no obvious reason for the duplication of Collection items. But I do see that your setup, when published, behaves like an infinite scroll list. Could you change from pagination to infinite?

If this does not solve the issue I am afraid we will have to re-create the page from scratch.

I have recreated the basic functionality in a new page here

Still seeing the duplication issue. I see that there was a more recent post with a similar issue — is there a way that I can follow the status of the ticket?

Hey @matt3, I am afraid the tickets are internal but I will let you know when we find out what is happening

@Support-Luis any updates?

Hey @matt3, I’m afraid the issue does not come from the Attributes scripts but it is rather a Webflow issue.