Duplicate issue with CMS Load

Hey everyone!

I’m facing an issue with CMS Load where I’m seeing duplicate entries appear upon clicking ‘Load More’. The strange thing is that on the staging URL, it works fine, but on the live URL, it does not.

General info about how we got to this point that might be useful:

  • We recently transitioned from using single pages for customer stories to a CMS collection-based setup.
  • To transition the old ones, we prepared them in the CMS collection as drafts, unpublished the old static page versions, and then published the CMS drafts with the same URLs - the redirect being taken care of automatically by our reverse proxy/Cloudflare setup.
  • We wanted to then have a CMS-linked list of customer stories on the customer stories homepage.
  • The top of the customer stories homepage has a block with a single featured case study linked to the same CMS list, which we wanted to set manually via a filter (just typing in the name of the desired story).

I’ve tried various combos of CMS Load/Filter - attaching the attributes to the list (as suggested) as well as the wrapper (in combinations with the other instructions suggested here: Why are the items after the load more button appearing twice when combining the finsweet attributes 'CMS filter' and 'CMS Load' in Webflow?).

In all cases, it’s only showing me duplicates when I click Load More.

See here for the webflow production link: Subbly: Customer success stories

See here for how it loads on our custom domain: Subbly: Customer success stories

See here for a read-only link: Webflow - Subbly v3 (master)

Any ideas on how to resolve this would be amazing! Appreciate your support in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @zaki.gulamani! There seems to be no error in the setup and there is no reason for the script to behave differently on either URL.

However, I have asked for another pair of eyes. I will get back to you :slight_smile:

Hey @Luis! Thanks so much - solving this issue is literally why I became a member, I would really appreciate any insight you have!

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