CMS Load - Loads data from different collection

Hey guys,

Has anyone had an issue with CMS Load loading content from a different collection list?

Really random but when the ‘Load More’ button is clicked it loads data from the collection list that is above it on the page, I’ve tried pulling all the custom code out of the site and it still keeps happening. Wondering if anyone has experienced this before or am I blind and missing something silly?

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Hey @kieran! There appears to be nothingn wrong with how the Attributes are setup. Could you share your staging link? The one that ends with

Hey Luis. I did run the ?fs-attributes-support=true and it came back as everything working but please see the link below.



I am getting a 404 - page not found with this link :thinking:

@Support-Luis Just republished and seems fine now but if not let me know. Thanks Luis

Hey @Support-Luis, could you see anything that might be causing this behavior and any advice on how I might be able to fix it?

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Hey @kieran I see nothing that could be causing this issue. There are no errors in the setup nor are there any duplicated scripts/lists