CMS Load page boundary issue

Hey, Finsweet team

I’m trying to implement the page boundary with CMS Load. What I want to achieve is this: 1 2 3 … 8 9 10.

So when I set “fs-cmsload-pageboundary” attribute to 3 it doesn’t work at all, as all my pages get shown from 1-10. But when I test it by setting it to 2 the attribute actually works, it shows 2 pages at the end only. But shouldn’t it show 2 pages at the beginning and end?
It could be a bug I think or am I doing smth wrong?

Here is my read-only link:

hey @arctektools! This might relate to the amount of pages on your pagination settings. Could you add more items/pages to the list and let me know to have a look?

Hey, Luis. For testing purposes, I had the visible items set to 1 previously and had to set it back to normal for my client.
Could you check it now? It’s ready to test.

hey @arctektools! This setup with native Attributes is not possible this is the best setup I could manage but will only work with 17 pages of content.

We could try to add some custom code if you want to go that way.

What a bummer… I think this should be a native pagination feature by default even. It would awesome if you guys could consider adding it in the next big update for Attributes.

Anyways, yes! As long as I can achieve that result I wouldn’t mind using custom code. Do you happen to have the custom code for that?

Hey @arctektools! I don’t have the code but please share a live link and I will give it a go.

Sure thing. I’ve set up a new page for you to test. Not sure if you needed the pagination to be turned off.

Read-only link:

hey @arctektools! Just an update, I am working on this. I will let you know if I find a solution or if I make any significant progress :muscle: