CMS load pagination attributes - second page hides items

Hey guys!
Having problems with the pagination on my ecommerce shopping page. :page_facing_up: :shopping_cart:
I have applied the CMSload attributes as should, but when I publish and click “next page” in the pagination, the CMS items on page 2 are hidden.

Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?

See preview here and published staging link:

Hey @simon.sjodin! I see you’ve used interactions to animate the list, these interactions need to be reset on newly rendered items. Can you please add the fs-cmsload-resetix = true attribute to your list?

A note on this:
If you have any interaction on the page with an initial state this will break. We recommend simulating the initial state for all interactions with the effects panel.

That did it! Would’ve never figured that one out. I had some “scroll in view” animations on some elements, as you mentioned.
Thanks alot @Support-Luis .

You are welcome, @simon.sjodin! Let me know if you face any more issues :muscle: