[CMS Load / Pagination] Non-CMS interactions not playing


I have a page with CMS Filter and CMS Load attributes.

My page structure:

  • A static header with an IX2 interaction happening on Page Load + Scroll Into View
  • A section below with my CMS collection list, my filters and my pagination. My CMS List is made of cards that open a modal on click.

I am using the ‘fs-cmsload-resetix=true’ attribute, as the modal is animated using IX2 on click of my CMS cards. It’s necessary, otherwise my modal opening animation wouldn’t play for paginated items (items not displayed on the first page).

My problem:
I suspect this attribute prevents the other animations in the page from playing if I use the pagination. If I click on any pagination item and scroll to my header, its animation isn’t playing as it should and as it does if I don’t use this attribute.

Live staging link (I can also share a read-only in DMs if needed!)

How can I ensure that my header animation doesn’t get reset and broken if I use the pagination? Any other fs-cmsload attribute I should be using to fix this?

Thank you!

Hey @Thomas! fs-cmsload-resetix=true resets ALL interactions on the page, and if any interaction has an initial state it will be reset to this state and appear broken or stuck. We recommend you use the effects panel to recreate any initial state needed for interactions.