CMS Nest, Filter, Load, & Static Element

This stack minus CMS Nest worked on other pages but got a page using all of the ones listed and the load button to paginate disappears.

I saw a post previous with this minus Static Element that worked for them but the solution didn’t work for our case.

Hey @info2! It seems you have loaded 100 items per page in your Collection List pagination settings but you only have 33 items in your collection.

The solution of adding the fs-cmsstatic-interactive=true is to prevent the last item from disappearing from the list.

It was hiding the pagination button so I changed it to display 100 items for the time being till a solution came about

Could you add a div wrapper to your pagination buttons? No styling should be needed something like the image attached is enough

Screen Shot 2023-09-22 at 10.56.37

It paginates but only shows 1 item on the next page, happens when adding the additional Static Attribute and wrapping the pagination buttons