Static to Collection List is deleting my last CMS item


I’m using CMS Filter and Static to Collection List on one page.

More specifically, Static to Collection List is being used to add an “ALL” (aka “clear”) button to a list of filters.

When the Static to CMS code is added to the header of the page, the “ALL” button is added to the list of filers BUT it deletes the last CMS element in the collection as well. So I’m losing one of my filters.

When you remove the Static to CMS code from the header, the last CMS element appears as expected.

Loom video showing issue.

Read-only link

How can I fix this?

Hey @itslaurenalexander! We have an open bug report on this, as a temporary fix can you please set the static item as interactive?

Just add fs-cmsstatic-interactive = true to the static item :slight_smile: