Item on the last position for Static to Collection List

Hello there!

I’m looking for an option to place an item inside the Collection list with the “Static to Collection List”-Attribute on the last position.

I’ve just found the possibility to control the order, but I need it to be always on the last position, without manually changing the order number.

Any suggestions?

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Hey! I’m afraid this is not native to the solution but I can add it as a suggestion for the devs to take a look at it. You can also try to make it work with some custom JS.

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Hey Luis

Thanks! I can live with the current solution and simlpy place it on the 5th position, but it would be of course nice if you can pass the suggestion.

Have a nice day!

@Support-Luis any update on this? I’d also love a simple way to add the static item last. Or any pointers on the custom js that could achieve this


That solution would be great! On the other hand, I’m experiencing a bug. The static element I add replaces the item in the collection instead of being added. For example, if I define that the static element should be added at order ‘3’, it replaces the item in the collection that falls at that order.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you very much!

nevermind, fixed adding “fs-cmsstatic-interactive = true”

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I’d love to follow up on this too, @Support-Luis ! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Following up on this again, please! @Support-Luis

Hey @_theclevernod! This should be coming with the updated Attributes release :slight_smile: