CMS Static to Collection List order number not working correctly

I’m having an issue where the CMS Static to Collection list is not working correctly on this page:

The first item seems to work fine (loading in at position 4 as expected), but when I click load more (which is using CMS load) it adds the next four items almost immediately but if you inspect them and look at their attributes you can see that their positions are set to 9, 15, 25 and 30 respectively but that is not the order in which they are showing up.
Any help with this would be appreciated.

Hey @caleb.raney! Could you remove the fs-cmsstatic-interactive="true" attribute from your static items?

We have this combo working here → CMS Load + Static to Collection

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Thanks @Support-Luis, Removing that attribute worked, I really appreciate the help!

It might be worth clarifying the text on the documentation page — it made it sound like the Static to Collection option would not function with Load More without including the fs-cmsstatic-interactive="true" attribute

Thanks @caleb.raney, I will revise the docs to further clarify this :slight_smile: