Static CMS item replacing CMS items

I have a question regarding cms static element. I implemented it successfully, however I noticed that the static element overwrites the position of one of the cms items, meaning, the number of cms items displayed on the published page remains the same, as opposed to the collection list increasing by 1. (the collection list isn’t limited by number of items shown either)

I then tried adding a cms item identical to the static item, and setting the static item order, but it didn’t replace the newly created cms item. Is this normal behavior, and is there a way to make it look as though the static item is adding to the total collection list? Please see screens.


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Page in question is the “live and animated video services”

hey @Drcontempo! This is a know issue that has been reported to the team. A workaround, while the fix is not here, is to use fs-cmsstatic-interactive = true. Other users have reported that this fixes the item being removed.

Perfect, it’s working as you described, thanks!

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Hi there,

I have the same issue but for some reason adding fs-cmsstatic-interactive=‘true’ didn’t work for me. I have 2 instances of Static CMS items. One in my Services section and another one in the Resources section.

The issue occurs in the Services section where I have 5 services showing up instead of the 6 I have published in my collection.

Could you please advise on what to do? Any workaround?

Thanks in advance,

hey @francois! Can you share a link?

Sorry Luis! I completely forgot :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hey @francois! No worries! Adding fs-cmsstatic-interactive="true" to your static element should also solve this issue.

I added it with an override and it works as expected!

Oh I see! I added fs-cmsstatic-interactive=“true” to the collection list element and not the static one… :melting_face:

I confirmed it’s working!

Thanks for your help :pray: Have a great day!

No worries! Have a great one! :muscle: