Static Collection Item – automatically hides collection item

I need to add a static item to my collection list. Everything is working. However, the list does not show up one story (item). When I put the attribute static-item on the div and publish → one story disappears.

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Hey @uebersaxsamuel! This is a known bug, to fix this can add fs-cmsstatic-interactive = true to your list. A bug report has been opened.

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Hi @Support-Luis, I just added the attribute. still hiding one element though.
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@uebersaxsamuel I see, this should have fixed the issue. Is this list going to be filtered/loaded? Can you finalize this setup and see if the issue still persists?

@Support-Luis I am using CMS Filters on the list yes. The problem does still occur after publishing.

@uebersaxsamuel, I’ll raise another report. Thanks for letting me know

Hey @Support-Luis What’s the update on this bug? Even iam facing this issue. I’ve set the static item to 6th item on my list. But it just replaces the 6th post from my collection. This way i can’t use this attribute for production. Please fix this bug asap!

Any update on this? @Support-Luis

I’m afraid not yet @flowtrixcontact