CMS Nest + Nest problem

I’m still having trouble with a multi-nest component.

The Collections are both nesting where they are supposed to but it’s nesting all items, not just the ones references in the parent list-item.

Here’s a read-only link to my project.

The automated support tool says I’m missing a link inside the collection item — but I thought I solved that and it’s still returning the same error.

Thank you for any help!

Scratch this. I missed something way above where I was looking in the parent list. thanks for your time and sorry for the trouble.

Hey @foley.patrick.gerard! Can you share what you were missing?

Sure, @Support-Luis! The Support tool was telling me I was missing a link on the Template page, but I was actually missing a link to the template page inside the parent collection. It would be worth looking into a language change on the error message.

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