CMS nest not working. Template reference link not recognized

Hey @Support-Luis ,

I have CMS Nest set up on my site and for some reason it is not recognizing the links set up on the reference template. Because of this, all of the collection items are showing up in the target divs, rather than just the specific multi-reference items.

I have followed the guidelines and made sure that:

  1. Link is direct child of collection list
  2. CMS List pages are public (published)
  3. CMS collections referenced are the correct multi-reference collections.

Any ideas what could be going on here?

Read Only Link:

FS Automated Support Link:

Hey @gabsherrera.ux! You seem to be missing the link to the current item in your main collection list.

Could you please add it as the image below shows?

Thank you! This worked great :smile:

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