CMS Nest Link not working?

Hi there,

Trying to get a CMS nest to work but I’m running into an issue.

I’ve done the on-page troubleshoot and it says the link isn’t working but I can’t figure out why? The nested collection should go in the first collection list “upcoming events”

Hey @jake! Both your parent and child collection require the link to the current item. Currently, you have only set it for the child. The same goes for the template reference collection.

I am also noticing that you are trying to nest some images, instead of items from another collection that are referenced. If this is the case I believe the implementation would be another one, not CMS Nest. :thinking:

Maybe this approach is what is needed → Multi-image field overview - Webflow University Documentation

Hey @Support-Luis I think I’ve got a link in the parent, child and cms page now but still doesn’t seem to work…?

In terms of the multi-image set up, not sure what you mean here as if I try to add multi-images to each collection on the page I still run into the nested collection limit issue?

Hey @Support-Luis any advice on how I can it to work please?

Hey @jake! I do see the current link now, however, CMS Nest requires that the link to the collection page be used as a wrapper via a link block or it to be placed as the first element inside the collection item.

Keegan (Web Bae) explains the complete steps to set this up in a very nice way in this video.