CMS nest not working on site

Hey guys!
We have the following collections on this page:

  • Artículos
  • Tags

We want to nest the tags collection inside the articles several times throughout the page and then use those tags to filter.

But we haven’t been able to make the nested CMS work, we already use the automated support, but it’s not working.

Something important here, is we’re also using CMS tabs on this one (@Support-Luis we already tried to use the defer code, but didn’t work).

Here’s our read-only link.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @jorge! It seems that none of the setups are complete. I see no hero-tags collection in your template page.

While you do have the tags collection added there is no link to the current item in the template page for this collection.

Also, CMS Nest does not require the -x suffixes for multiple instances on the same page as it relies on the identifiers for each instance.

You are also missing your blog-tags source collection on your main page.

Let me know if this fixes the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks @Support-Luis!
We added all these, but it isn’t working still :frowning:

Oh I also see you are missing the link to the current item in your template page. Let me know when you add it to jump in and try the CMS Tabs defer code

Done, thanks! But still not working

Thanks for the support Luis!

Hey @jorge! You’ll need to change yungle-cms-nest="list" for fs-cmsnest-element="list" on your main collection.

You also seem to be missing the setup on your template page for the hero-tags. First, make sure the lists are nesting correctly then you should be able to add the code to prevent tabs from working until everything is ready

Hey @Support-Luis
I changed it to fs-cmsnest-element=list

And already have the links connected in the template pages. The identifier is blog-tags. The hero section is already working fine for us, but the 3rd section (image attached) it’s still not working