CMS Nest only working for some collection list items

I’m having an issue with CMS Nest where it is only assigning the nested item to some of the items in a collection list.
The issue is with a specific item (that I’ve spotted) from the collection list that is being nested.
It’s with “Drinking Fountains” which currently is only being assigned to these two products:

  • Enware Bubbler White Powder Coated Drinking Fountain

  • Waterlux Wheelchair Accessible Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain

When it should be assigned to many more, here’s a list of a few other products that should have it assigned:

  • HydroBoost Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain & Bottle Filling Station Sensor Activated

  • Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain With Foot Activated Glass Filler

  • Aqua Cooler 10 or 26 Litre Drinking Fountain

The issue looks to be specifically on this page: Search Water Filters by Brand, Type & More

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @julian.vankan! Could you please share a read-only link?

Yeah absolutely,
Thanks @Support-Luis

Hey @julian.vankan! Sorry for the late response!

There seem to be 2 CMS template references with the same product-type identifier

This is one

And the other one

Can you please check this? seems that the first one is the one getting nested in the elements that do not return a result

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Hi @Support-Luis

Excellent spot, thank you.

That first collection list didn’t correspond to product type, so the identifier was wrong. I’ve changed its identifier to something else and kept the product-type identifier on the second collection list and the filters are now working as expected.

Thanks ever so much for your help, myself and my colleague were both scratching our heads over this, and the automated attribute checker didn’t pick this one up either. This looks like it’s solved the issue.

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You are Welcome! Definitely a head-scratcher but glad all is working.

I noticed another issue, the items flicker after a filter is selected. This indicates a duplicated CMS Filter script which a quick search confirms

Check your project setting for this duplicate!

After that, all should be okay :muscle: