Multiple CMS Nest

Can’t seem to make this one work.

Here’s the link:
password: 1234

And here’s the read only:

Hello @avivtech I am using the ASS tool and I see this error, please confirm if the link to the template page is correct

Thanks Joseph,
I used it too and yes, the link is correct.

@avivtech, I see the 2nd nest implementation has the -2 number on the attributes. A couple of attributes including nest do not require this number. Could you please update all the attributes to the just have the original attribute name without the numbers

Hi Joseph,
I removed the -2 from all instances, still no luck.

Does that mean that theoretically I can have one list nested in multiple different lists on the same page?
e.g- 2 blog items lists, both need the tags nested lists in them.

Sorry for the previous recommendation but I believe there might be a limitation to having more than one nested collection list in one page, @Support-Luis, please do confirm. But you can nest more than one cms list to one parent cms collection list

Hey @avivtech! You’ll need to add a second CMS List to your page setup with another identifier. Having two targets with only one source is not possible right now.

Can you please test it and let me know how it goes?

Like so?

Yes, in this case, we can also skip the suffixes for nest-target, nest-source and template-reference.

Remember to also add another collection to the template page with the different identifier.

Hello @Support-Luis I followed all the steps above but it throws another error.

I already made sure that the link is present, link to current cms
I made sure it’s a multi-reference cms

I am really confused.

If we skip the suffix, there’s no difference from the 1st collection that is nested in this page.

Hey @CRIC could you share your links either here or in a new thread?

@avivtech sorry for the confusion, as CMS Nest uses identifiers you can skip using the suffix.

You can check here an example where I nested three lists without using suffixes, only identifiers. I also nested the same list (categories), twice in different collections with cat and categories as identifiers as you are looking to do

Can you share a read only link?

Sure! Here you go: Webflow - Attribute Combos Test

I get a 404 :confused:

My bad, here it is → Webflow - Attribute Combos Test

Hi @Support-Luis,
I’m having issues with this setup as well. I got 6 CMS Nest on a page, some are working fine, some are not showing any nested data, some are showing all the data options instead of just the ones corresponding to the parent Collection.
Any chance I could have some direct help ? (I can’t share the project publicly)

Nevermind, a good night sleep and coffee helped me find the issues (link to item page not properly set and template page blocked by script). All Nested Collections working like a charm !!!

Hey @pascal.olivet! That is great to hear! :muscle: