CMS Nest with 3 nested on same site + optional speed update - Still VERY SLOW

I have 3 nested cms on this site.
2 of them are the video cards on the right side.
1 for the landscape and 1 for the vertical.

The videos are taking about a minute to load.
I have also tried the speed update with the slug property.

I have tried to use the same video links with a embed outside the nest, and that loads instantly.

Would be great if you guys had the time to take a look before the weekend:)

Also. I have a script to unmute the video when I click them. That work when I use the video outside the FS CMS Nest, but not when it is within it.

Hi there @Support-Luis - Something you can help me with?
I see there is a lot of console errors, is this due to the FS CMS Nest?

1: Very high loading time on videos from Nest
2: Click to unmute video not working when inside the Nest, but works when outside

Hey @christopher! We need to take into consideration the size of the lists to nest as this directly impacts load time. If you were to use the video links within the script how would the setup be? Maybe it is better for us to work with this option.

If we go with the CMS Nest route you’ll need to wrap the unmute script in the callback function for CMS Nest which would look like this:

  window.fsAttributes = window.fsAttributes || [];
    (nestInstances) => {
      console.log('cmsnest Successfully loaded!');

      // Background video script
      // Set to the class of your embed
      let backgroundVid = $('.video_embed');

      backgroundVid.on('click', function () {
        let myVideo = $(this).find('video');
        if ($(this).hasClass('playing')) {
          // First action
          myVideo.prop('muted', false);
        } else {
          // Second action
          myVideo.prop('muted', true);

Thanks for the reply @Support-Luis. The unmute script worked now.

I didn’t understand what you suggested in terms of the videos? Could you maybe explain more?

I added two video outside of the nest now with the same setup and as you can see they load instantly compared to the nested videos that takes about 20 seconds

I can also see other “bugs”, as you can see on this screenshot the mute lottie are duplicated within one card.

As well as the bottom video card on the print screen are going over the two cards above (when there should be 1rem spacing)

hey @christopher! I’ve taken another look but do not see the setup for CMS Nest. Have you decided against using this solution?