CMS Load Really Slow


I have an issue with the CMS Load, the pagination is really slow to appear. This is the first time it happens, it can take up to 1 minute to load but sometimes it is really fast (as it should be).

More info :

  • I have only 70-80 items on my collections.
  • I also have the CMS Nest and CMS Filter on my page.

Here is a quick video of the problem :

At the end, I reload the page and it works fine

Here are the links

Anyone has an idea on what is happening here ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hello @b.eveillard9! This delay is more likely caused by CMS Nest, if you inspect the Network panel you’ll see there are a bunch of fetch actions to the template pages. Both CMS Load and CMS Nest have cache optimization by default to improve load times on the users’ next visit.

You could always look into CMS Nest setup option #2 to speed the nesting but this requires modifications to your CMS Collection and some manual data entry.

Thank you @Support-Luis but I would like to avoid the option #2. I will check with the client how we could reorganize the collections!

Thanks for your quick anwser :slight_smile:

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