Nested Collections Slow Load


I have an FAQ page that has a lot going on: Filter, combine, nested collections. There are a lot of items and a lot of nested collections which I have spoken to the client about but they won’t reduce.

Essentially the issue is that a number of the nested collections in the left-hand column load very slowly and leave the user thinking these categories are empty. Is there anything I can do?FAQ - R;pple Suicide Prevention

Hey @gelatoldn! You can always look into option #2 for CMS Nest which greatly improves performance, however, this would require a rework of your CMS Collection and the actual setup has some differences but I can definitely help if you need me!

Other than this I am afraid there is not much we can do. CMS Nest caches the items by default, so the load time will be reduced from the first page load whenever a user returns to the page.

@Support-Luis I wasn’t aware of this option - I must’ve missed it. I was prepared to rebuild it anyway so thank you for the recommendation

Do let me know if you run into any issues!