Ways to optimize CMS Load


Was wondering if there were any tips to optimize the way we’re loading in CMS items. Using CMS Filter + Nest + Load.

The collection list has about 200 items and on the initial load, it can take around 10 seconds to load all of the items.

Any tips that could improve the load time?

One idea I have is removing CMS Nest and using jquery load() (demoed here https://multiple-nested-collections.webflow.io/).

hey @geminpak! I see you’ve already activated the speed boost which is the native way for CMS Load to improve load time. Cacheing items will also speed up the load time for when users return to your page.

You can look into option #2 for CMS Nest but this will include some manual data entry on your current collection as the slugs from the nested elements are needed. You can look into the jQuery load option and let me know how it works as I see you have plenty of lists to nest.

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