CMS Nested collection + Filter

I have multiple nested collections. On my Teachers template I see my collections are showing the right items. But when I go to my search page “Find a teacher” my nested collections are showing all items instead of only the one that apply to the specific teacher. Therefore my filters are not working.

Read-only link: Webflow - Apmqmta

Hey @frank! You are missing the link to the current professor on the parent list.

You are currently linking to their own website. Therefore the script is failing.

Could you please add either a link block as a wrapper or a hidden text link set to the current item to the setup?

If you are going to keep the external link, just be sure the current link comes first.

@Support-Luis Thank you very much!

Is there a reason why the CMS load shows only 100 results when the setting is set to render-all?

You are missing the native pagination on the list. This is required for any CMS Load load-mode :wink:

Could you add and test again?

@Support-Luis I had the mode render-all, I switched it to pagination as you mentioned. It’s still shows 100 results.

Hey @frank! For any load mode onn CMS Load it is required that Webflow’s pagination is active, you can see the checkbox in the image below.

@Support-Luis Thanks, it worked. I’m just having now an issue with 2 filters that doesn’t work. Services and Regions. What am I missing?

Hey @frank! Can you please share a live link?

@Support-Luis Does this link works? Webflow - Apmqmta

@frank seems that the “service” collection is not properly nested :thinking:

Can you double-check the setup for this collection?

@Support-Luis Thanks for your help. Now, I just have one remaining issue. The search bar won’t search by first name and last name (prénom and nom in french). What I’m I missing?

You are missing the fs-cmsfilter-field attribute on the text elements. You currently only have the attribute needed to sort the list by name and last name :slight_smile: