CMS Nesting not working and showing all items or not showing at all

I have the link on the cms page and the support script says it’s missing…I’m not sure why it suddenly stopped working or what I messed up. Thank you!

Hey @hagenjh! Can you share a read-only link, please?

Thank you! Sorry about that! @Support-Luis

@hagenjh, the link for the current items seems to be redirected to the main page where the complete list is shown. Therefore all items are nested.

Have you added a redirect or something similar?

@Support-Luis When I use load/pagination

it shows the tags but its all the tags and not the ones associated with the items

CMS Nest fetches the nested info from the link to the current item. Right now, all links seem to be redirected to the homepage where the complete list is shown.

Here is a quick loom showing the issue. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

This is weird as the preview in Webflow takes me to the correct template page with the correct reference list. :thinking:

Oh thank you I did have redirects so the pages would be hidden. I guess that messed things up. The nesting seems to be working correctly but the filtering is not working though…Thank you fo your help! @Support-Luis

@hagenjh you are missing the Filter identifier for your categories, this goes on the nest-source list items.

Like this!