CMS Previous-Next Empty state won't get added

Hey F’insweet,

I’m struggling to set up empty states whenever I get to the start and the end of the CMS prev-next flow. Here’s what happens:

Here’s the staging link:
And here’s a read-only: read-only

The empty state elemnet gets added in there but the regular prev-next states stay there as well.

Could you please have a look and let me know if I’ve done anything wrong?

Million thanks.


Hey @de.skaaa! Can you try nesting the empty elements in their respective block?

If you check the example for the Combos Clonable you’ll see these elements nested.

thanks a lot @Support-Luis , with this I could figure it out. I appreciate your help a lot

although I’d definitely say that the full setup description is far from the best, I had to check a lot of things in inspect mode myself to see how you guys pulled it out. this solution of mine was also not a strictly a “with text elements only” solution so I didn’t think that I would need to look in that direction. I think it’d be worth having a review of the tutorials and setup material

Thanks for the feedback @de.skaaa. We are currently reworking the documentation aiming to improve clarity for all solutions!

We will keep this in mind :slight_smile: