CMS Load is displaying the Empty State at the end of every list

I’m using CMS Filter + CMS Nest and everything seems to be working, however, the Empty State (“No items found.”) is being displayed at the end of every filtered list. Obviously, that should only appear if there is in fact nothing to display. Thanks for any help. Share link and screenshot provided.

Share link: Webflow - OHSKS v2

The live dev link is here:

Hey @nick1! This is not added by either CMS Filter or CMS Load, this is a default empty state from another list.

You have another collection list, not connected to any source, at the bottom of the page, removing this should fix the issue.

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Thanks. Jeez, I sometimes get cross-eyed handling all of these collection lists. I think this was just duplicated in order to copy it to another page. I think this topic should be deleted from the forum, it was completely my mistake.

No worries! It happens to all of us.