CMS List still loading When Cms filter applied: Error no items Found!


I have noticed that whenever we load a new page, it take time for the items to load on the page.

During this time our cms filters yields No items found, only to be replaced with collection items when they are loaded in the list.

A loom video for reference:

:bulb: What we were thinking- Should the list reload with just the selected filter, rather than loading the complete list when visitor has made the filter selection already as seen in the recording.

hey @info8! This could be because of how long your collection is taking to load, we can add a loader element to show the user the collection is fully loaded and ready to be filtered.

We can also prevent the filters from showing or functioning until all items are done loading.

Let me know which option you’d like to try and please share your links :slight_smile:

we used the speed optimization feature, now it is loading super fast! How come adding page count affects in this manner?

A little bit of Finsweet magic :wink: