CMS sort: 1 trigger for 2 lists

Hi, is it possible to us 1 trigger to change the sort order of 2 different lists? Thank you

Hey @ashley! Are these lists combined? Or each is a stand-alone list?

@Support-Luis thanks for your reply :slight_smile: The lists are stand-alone

Hey @ashley! You’ll need to setup CMS Sort instances (image attached), if the buttons are visible you can mirror click events with this Attribute Mirror Click Events - Mirror a click from one element to another. If the buttons are hidden please share a link and I can provide the code :wink:

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Hi @Support-Luis , thanks for this!

Here is the link: After Effects Tools - Enhance your Motion Graphics | AECartographer

The dropdown menu changes the sort order of the collection list/feed on the right. But we’d also like this to change the sort of the menu/anchor links on the left…

I’m sorry, I’m not 100% clear on how to apply the CMS sort instances. Should I add “list-2” to the menu/anchor links on the left? And then duplicate and hide the dropdown sort menu, and then use the mirror click attribute? :laughing:

Yes! As the lists not combined you’ll need to mirror the clicks on any element of the sort dropdown, the triggers and targets are linked by their suffix. So trigger will mirror its click to the target, trigger-2 will mirror its click to target-2, and so on.

Hi @Support-Luis, I think I’m getting close to resolving this, thanks for your help!

I’ve set up the CMS sort instances and the mirror click events. The second dropdown is hidden, do I need to add an extra code for the mirror click to work? Cheers!

Here is the share link: Webflow - AECartographer

Hey @ashley! No extra code should be needed if the Attributes are correctly setup :slight_smile:

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