Filter two CMS collections single filter (Mirror click workaround?)

I have two CMS collections on the same which effectively display data from the same table but have formatting / presentation differences.

Collection 1 - Featured Articles
Collection 2 - All other articles except featured

Currently we are only filtering “Collection 2” by “article-category”, however our marketing team has asked to filter both.

Combine won’t work because of the presentation differences.

I have a theory that could work but before I put in the work if anyone can confirm the theory is sound

Can I…

Create a second filter form for the other collection and hide it, then use Mirror click events to click the secret form simultaneously to filter the second list?

Hey @ryann.mccorkell! Yes! This is totally doable with CMS Filter and Mirror Click Attributes.

Here is an example that uses both of these solutions and CMS Tabs take a look and let me know if you face any issues implementing this!