CMS Sort is sorting one list in two batches

I have a collection list with ~240 items. I have CMS Sort and CMS Filter running and everything works well except:

When I choose a new sort order, for example “Least expensive”, it will not sort all 250 items - it will instead sort two seperate batches of items.

The first “Batch” will sort by least expensive to most expensive for 130 items. Then a second batch that starts over, and sorts again from least to most expensive.

For example:

“Sort by Most expensive”

  1. Ferrari $500,000
  2. Chevy $30,000
  3. Lamborghini $450,000

  1. Honda $31,000
    [end of list]

I have the CMS Load set to “Render all”
It is only one collection list

Any ideas on how to solve?
Page is here: Find Your Electric Vehicle | EV.Guide

Thank you!

@Support-Luis any thoughts here?

hey @mike! Have you defined the sort type as number with fs-cmssort-type = number?

I would also suggest you separate the $ sign from the actual number as this might interfere with the sorting

Thank you! Adding the sort type seems to have remedied this.

The dollar sign was already separate, but good advice thanks.

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