Cookie consent reset with each page load

Hi fellow webflow devs :call_me_hand:

I’ve got a weird issue with cookie consent reseting on each page load. According to the debugger the following happens.

  • List item: When accepting cookies, it does change the consent. However if I change the page or reload it, the consent get’s reset.

  • List item: When denying cookies, which I previously accepted, they get set again once I reload or change the page.

Any ideas why this occurs and how we can fix the issue?

Our Implementation
We use the google tag manager implementation. There for we have the four required triggers for each category.

Based on the consent we trigger or do not trigger a tag, which triggers the consent mode from google tag manager.

We use this approach to have more control over triggering custom events. For example we don’t wan’t to trigger a custom tracking event when we accept cookies. We just want the google tag manager to know, that based on the consent, the trigger can be fired, once the event happens.

To do so, we use a custom tag template called “consent mode (google tags)”.