Custom Form Select - Requiered: Show error

Hello Finsweet team! I integrated the Custom Form Select attribute (Custom Form Select Field for Webflow) to customize the selectors.
They are required fields.
Everything is working perfectly, except that if the user doesn’t choose an option, the error message indicating that the field is required doesn’t appear.

You can see the form here: Light-it | Contact

Is there a way to fix this?

hey @andressentis! can you share a read-only?

yes, sure!

You can find the form in the footer of almost all the pages.

Hey Luis! hope you’re doing well,
do you have any update on this? thanks a lot!

hey @andressentis! sorry for the late response, I have just tested one of your forms and it seems to be preventing submission if any required field is left empty.

Did you do something to solve this issue?

Hey Luis, no proble.
Yes, I solved with Javascript, will be awesome if in the future the attribute cover this issue

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I have this same issue / question @Support-Luis ! Is there a Finsweet way to show the error if the select is empty?

@andressentis , are you able / willing to share the javascript that you were able to implement? Thank you!!

Hey @_theclevernod! There is no official Finsweet solution at the moment I’m afraid. Custom JS is the way to go