Form Submit COR Error

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I’m using the Finsweet Form Submit attribute. I’ve created a Webflow form that posts to a supplied form handler, which links to Salesforce.

I want to use the Finsweet Form Submit Enhance feature to control how the gated content is revealed. By “gated,” I mean that users only need to fill in a form to see the content.

The problem I’m facing is that the form displays an error due to a CORS Response error (I discovered this in the console). The person who provided the form handler informed me that they cannot modify the CORS policy on their end. They advised that the form should only post and not fetch/connect to anything.

How can I adjust the form on my end to achieve this? I suspect the Finsweet code is executing this check because the form submits successfully without it. How can I disable the CORS fetch using Finsweet form enhance feature?

I was also provided this link, which you can read more about the requirements under ‘Submission using AJAX’:

Link to the project here:

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Hey @Marko! If the form handler can not modify the CORS policy you can not use the enhance functionality.

You can try to set up the endpoint as the form action in the form settings.

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Thanks @Support-Luis, I thought that might be the case. I will give it a go :grinning: